Part I: The Lost Army (2006-2008)

Part of The Fish Pond Song installation


A village scene constructed of light images of a typical Dutch landscape -green and with plenty of water- projected on four so-called ‘folding houses’; an idyllic pastoral world. However, in this idyll -including bathing maidens- groups of soldiers are wandering about. An army that has been lost in the war takes flight and hides for an invisible enemy. The soldiers are terrified.
The film is full of furtive movement. The soldiers are slowly wading through the water and the (folding) houses move too: they close like oysters in case of imminent danger and open again when the coast is clear. One of the houses functions as a control room. Here, the strategy is determined, even though no one knows where the danger is coming from. An old black crow is sitting on the back of the chair and looks over the maker’s shoulder.


Een dorpstafereel, opgetrokken uit lichtbeelden van een typisch Nederlands landschap - groen en waterrijk – geprojecteerd op een viertal zogenaamde ‘vouwhuizen’. Een idy